You’ll want to get your home’s ductwork professionally cleaned every three to five years so that you’re breathing healthy air and your HVAC system doesn’t become overworked. A duct cleaning will also help to prevent dust from settling throughout your home. Here are seven benefits of getting your ductwork professionally cleaned. Better Air Quality With a professional cleaning, the vast majority of bacteria and bad germs will be eliminated from your ductwork. This can be especially helpful to anyone in the home who has a pre-existing respiratory ailment. Cleaner Household Surfaces When air ducts haven’t been cleaned for many years, it’s more likely that dust will be sent into your living spaces when you use your HVAC system. This can lead to a lot of dust settling on surfaces such as countertops, furniture, and fixtures. Maximize HVAC System Lifespan Regular HVAC maintenance, such as duct cleaning, will help to ensure that your HVAC system keeps running efficiently for as long as possible. Get Rid of Allergens Dirty ducts are often filled with common allergens, such as pollen and animal dander, which get blown into living spaces. When a professional ductwork cleaning eliminates these allergens, any allergy sufferers in the home could greatly benefit. Eliminate Odors As grime builds up in your ductwork, it can send a musty odor into your living areas. A professional duct cleaning will get rid of odor-causing particles and really help to freshen up your home. Strong Air Flow When debris is eliminated from ductwork, air can move more easily. This will allow your HVAC system to cool and heat your home with less strain. Prevent Fire Hazard A fire hazard may emerge if debris in dirty ducts comes into contact with heating systems. A thorough duct cleaning will eliminate this risk. If you need air duct cleaning, be sure to entrust the work to a reputable professional. For air duct cleaning in Phoenix, AZ, contact F&M Services at(480) 580-7831 . Feel free to give F&M Services a call today to ask for a free air duct cleaning estimate in Phoenix!

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