Leaky air ducts are not a symptom to be ignored. Dismissing the issue can lower your home’s air quality and increase energy bills. There are a number of reasons why your ducts are leaking, which we describe below. Depending on the cause of the leak, one solution is scheduling professional duct cleaning. When you need air duct cleaning for your home or business from a trustworthy professional, contact F & M Services in Avondale, AZ. How to Spot Leaky Ducts Besides noticing obvious physical damage to your ductwork, there are several symptoms of leaky ducts to look out for. Pay attention to an influx of dust or if certain rooms of your home start to feel stale or stuffy. You may also see a spike in energy bills, even if you haven’t been using more heating or air conditioning than usual. Rooms with leaks may also seem too cold or too warm. Reasons for Leaks Rodents and other small pests love to make their homes within ductwork. Activity and even the weight of mice and squirrels can break seals or loosen parts of the ductwork, leading to leaks. If you have a pest problem, it can be solved with professional air duct cleaning. This will also get rid of droppings and dangerous spores that decrease your home’s air quality. Another common cause of leaky ducts is simply old or worn out ductwork. As the materials age, caulk can begin to crack and certain segments of ductwork may begin to sag or detach completely, leading to leaks. Air Duct Cleaning in Avondale Maintain the air quality in your home with routine duct cleaning. To schedule commercial or residential duct cleaning in Avondale, AZ, or throughout the Greater Phoenix community, reach out to F & M Services. With more than a decade of experience, you can trust our team to perform air duct cleaning quickly and affordably. Give us a call at (480) 531-8011 to request a free estimate or to schedule a cleaning in Avondale, AZ, or the surrounding areas.

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